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About Us

With 3,010 acres of lemons and 1,169 acres of avocados growing throughout California, Limoneira is one of the largest lemon and avocado producers in North America. Limoneira Skin Care line contains products that are lemon and avocado based and are made with all organic ingredients that are natural and sustainable, preservative free, pesticide free, dermatologist tested and approved. Limoneira has been successfully growing and packing delicious produce for 120 years and has sustained their growth with water conservation practices, soil enrichment, green materials recycling and solar energy.
Limoneira's Skin Care line takes advantage:
  • All avocado based products use the skin saving powers of avocado oil which stimulates collagen, helps protect against sun damage and penetrates deep skin layers more effectively.
  • Limoneira skin care products contain a new avocado-based compound discovered during ethno botanical research, which is a natural promoter of skin metabolism that regenerates cells to create younger and firmer skin.
  • The juice of lemons are a non-chemical way of lightening age spots and brightening blotchy brown discolorations and the acid in lemons helps to take off dry, flaky skin to create a more even skin tone.
  • Lavender adds a soothing aroma and helps calm redness and inflammation and the pump style dispensers eliminate the need for any added preservatives that might irritate sensitive skin.
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